CXP2023 Draft

Main mandatory registration


⚠ deadlines: for gift (due to logistic challenges to order to transport >340 gifts)
⚠ OP=OP for the extra registrations, note however that most of our great activities do not require extra registration
⚠ party from 12:00-16:00

Main registration (wrist bracelet for access)

You did not register your children (info valid only if you are logged, please refresh page after registration)

short code RSVP for gift event page

one bracelet = access to many activities without extra registration.

[no registration] loop call for action, button = more info (incl plan), band with recommended age : picture with Santa (0-18), ice skates rental (3-18), bouncing castle (3-8), ball pit (0-4), face painting (0-18), balloon folding (0-18), sumo wrestling (4-18)

[extra activities] extra loop with call for action = link to event, if registration then button, band with recommended age : ice skating lessons (honestly is it worth it?), ski (4-18), laser game (6-? with age slots), bungee soccer (4-?), karting (8-18 with age slots)

[for all RSVP : don’t forget to add checkbox “I registered my child to the main registration (in doubt go to your user area / my registrations)